In May, I had the opportunity the tick off a long time bucket list item from my list: Petra. As I moved to Israel recently, it was very convenient to travel to Jordan. We visited this amazing country with my friend, Sahar and we spent 4 days in Jordan. Let me share with you our itinerary.

If you are planning a trip from Israel, you can drive or fly from Tel Aviv to the most southern city, Eilat. The boarder between Israel and Jordan is quite easy to cross, it took us around one hour on both directions. We decided to spend our 4 days in the Jordan in the follow order: Aqaba, Petra and Wadi Rum Desert.  We have used a local tourist agency for private car transfer and Jeep Tour.

4 days in Jordan
Staying in Kempinski by the Red Sea

If you are crossing through Yitzhak Rabin Boarder from Israel, you cannot miss a visit to Aqaba. This city is the pearl of the Red Sea in Jordan. We stayed in Kempinski Hotel which has its own private beach.

4 days in Jordan
Wonderful stay in Kempinski

The Hotel is located around 15 minutes drive from the boarder. As we entered, we were welcomed by the kind stuff and impressed by the beautiful surroundings.

The room was spacious and the view from our balcony to the Red Sea was simply breathtaking. The infinity swimming pool also had a warm jacuzzi area and a cocktail bar. The breakfast in Kempinski Hotel was tasty and fresh, my favorite spot was the pancake session.  We enjoyed our stay here a lot and if relaxing in the hotel would not be enough, they can also arrange fun water activities and massage treatments.

While staying in Aqaba, we also had the pleasure of having a fantastic dinner in Al Manara Hotel at Kubba Levantine restaurant.

4 days in Jordan
Sunset in Al Manara

The restaurant served the most delicious Arabic food with a unique twist. I recommend coming here to watch the sunset from the outdoor balcony. The restaurant stuff was knowledgable and they recommended us amazing dishes. We started our meal with a unique, flavorful alcohol-free cocktail. The appetizer was fresh, warm home made bread with dips.

4 days in Jordan
Delicious Dinner

The meal continued with Arabic dishes and the main course was Chicken shashlik. For desert, we tried dates pudding which was a piece of heaven!


As we only had 4 days in Jordan, we had to continue our trip to Petra. Petra is located about 1,5 hours drive by car from Aqaba. The drive was through a beautiful, desert scenery. 

4 days in Jordan
Magical Petra

Petra is famous for its historical and archeological sites which is located through the mountains. According to the historians, Petra has been settled as early as 9,000 BC and has been established as the capital city of the Nabataen Kingdom in 400 BC. Walking through Petra today feels like walking in ancient history where time has stopped. It has definitely lived up to my expectations.

In Petra, we stayed in Town Season Hotel. The stuff was very kind, they also prepared for us an early breakfast box which we appreciated a lot. We spent in Petra 2 days, but it really depends on your interest, how much time you need here. I will dedicate my next blogpost about Petra only, so I will share more in the following post.

Wadi Rum
4 days in Jordan
Wadi Rum Desert views

From Petra it took us around two hours to reach Wadi Rum Desert. Here we booked a 4 hours jeep tour, which is a popular option. In addition to the jeep tour, we decided to stay in the Memories Aicha Luxury Camp. The Jeep Tour through the red sanded desert was a magical experience, no wonder that this place has been featured in Star Wars and recently in Aladdin. You can see local people riding camels, canyons and sand dunes. The tour included 4 stops, which was great for exploring the interesting points in the Desert.

We ended our 4 days in Jordan with a luxury camp stay. Staying in this luxury camp has been a unique experience. Our jeep brought us here before sunset. It is fantastic to be in the middle of nowhere in the desert without cellular reception and internet. 

4 days in Jordan
Luxury Camp in the middle of the desert

We booked a luxury tent accommodation, our room has its own bathroom and the room was beautiful. They served delicious buffer dinner and breakfast in a large bubble tent. If you have a chance, stay for overnight in Wadi Rum, it is relaxing and truly magical.

4 days in Jordan
On my way to breakfast

From Wadi Rum it took only one hour by car to reach Aqaba boarder and we ended our 4 days in Jordan.

Being a tourist in Jordan

Beside the busy itinerary with these three fantastic locations, our trip was great because of the Jordanian people. We have met local people on the trip and everybody behaved in the most kind and respectful way. They were always ready to go an extra mile to make us feel more comfortable. Moreover, we heard gossips before that two girls traveling in Jordan is not a great idea, but this turned out to be absolute false. We spent 4 days in Jordan and did not feel unsafe for a second. If you are hesitant to visit this gorgeous country for the same reason, don’t worry, it is really tourist friendly for girls as well.

The prices we came across were cheaper, than most European countries, but it was not as cheap as the nearby Egypt or Tunisia. However, we felt that the prices we payed always represented excellent service!

In my next post, I will write our complete itinerary about visiting Petra.



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