I visited Paris in the end of March with my husband for 4 days and we were amazed how beautiful this whole city was! Paris is romantic and you can find less crowded places, but it can be challenging to take pictures for the Instagram without too many people. In this article I will share with you my personal 10 best instagram spots of Paris.

First of all, as you know waking up early really helps. The best instagram spots have great views usually therefore they get crowded around 8-9 am.

Here are my favorite 10 instagram spots of Paris:

1. Eiffel Tower
Best Instagram Spots of Paris
Early morning near the Iron Lady

There are so many great view points to chose from. The Eiffel Tower can be seen from all around center of Paris. However, my favorite view point is from the Trocadero Square. If you arrive here by 7.30 am, you will only find a few fellow instagrammers.

2. The Louvre

As I mentioned in my Paris itinerary, this museum is a must visit in Paris. The iconic pyramid entrance is a gorgeous photo shooting spot. You can take different angles of this shot and if you are there do not miss to visit the nearby Tulieries gardens too. I took the photo here early in the morning without the crowd. If you know how to shoot at night, I strongly recommend it when the pyramid has lighten up.

3. Luxemburg Garden
Best Instagram Spots of Paris
Feeling like a Parisian

Paris has any beautiful gardens for photo shooting. Luxembourg Garden was in a beautiful blossom when I visited here. It feels like a natural set up, because many Parisian come here to enjoy their morning. Sitting near the fountain on a bench, perfect setting.

4. Pont Neuf

The beautiful bridges of Paris include Port Alexandre III, Pont Neuf, Pont de la Tournelle and more. I chose Pont Neuf (literally means bridge 9) since you could see the Notre Dame. Unfortunately most of this Cathedral tragically burned down recently.

5. Seine River

Taking a picture of or from the river itself is a must. If you take a cruise, you can take picture of the famous landmarks from the cruise. The other photo idea is to do a small picnic near one of the many bridges.

6. Sacre Coeur
Best Instagram Spots of Paris
Stunning Architecture

Montmarte is my absolute favorite district and luckily it also has some of the best instagram spots of Paris. Sacre Coeur is a beautiful, white Roman Catholic church. This site has been an important spot for the French revolution, but it is mostly recognized today for it’s architectural beauty. From this Basilica you can also see a higher point of view of Paris.

7. Le Consulat

Montmarte district has many iconic bakeries and coffee shops. Le Consulat is my favorite photo spot as it is always surrounded by a lively atmosphere. La Maison Rose is another cute (pink) spot, just a few steps away.

8. Rue Crémeux
Best Instagram Spots of Paris
The cutest street

The most colorful road of Paris. The buildings here have soft pastel colors and they may remind you of the instagram famous Notting Hill. Even if you don’t wake up early for this shot, you won’t find too many people here. Please be polite and quite on this neighborhood and respect the privacy of the locals.

9. L’Aduree

Conveniently, one of my favorite instagram spots of Paris also includes the tastiest spot. The iconic Macaroon house also has a beautiful sitting area. Here, you can taste the best flavors and also take some pictures. The Champs Elyses L’aduree shop and restaurant is also a very popular breakfast spot in Paris.

10. Arc de Triomphe
Best Instagram Spots of Paris
Arc de Triomphe

If you visit Paris, you must go to Champs Elyses for shopping. As you walk through this street, at the end you will arrive to the Arc de Triomphe. If you climb up to this landmark you can enjoy a stunning sunset view. However, you can also take a great shot from the street of Champs Elyses.

I hope you find this useful and you will visit my favorite instagram spots of Paris!



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