Moving to Israel has been on my mind for the last 4 years. I arrived to Israel the first time in 2013 and I fell in love with this place instantly. It has always been my dream to live near by the sea in a completely different culture, than my home in Hungary. My dream came true at the end of 2018, we arrived to Israel and I love to live in Tel Aviv. 

Tel Aviv is a city which is the perfect size in my opinion. The population is around 420,000 people, a complete mix from people all over the world.

Let me tell you what are my favorite things about this city 🙂

1. The Beach 
Life in Israel - Why do I love to live in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv Beach

This city has history, architecture and skyscrapers, but the most iconic place is the beach. Tel Aviv’s beach promenade stretches to 14 kilometers. There are 13 beaches including separate beach for religious people and dogs. Every beach has changing facilities, fresh water show and toilets. The promenade also has several cool outdoor gym, water facilities and basically its connected the whole time including separate bicycle road.

The sand is soft and you can just put down your towel to enjoy the sun or rent a deckchair.

The coolest place to be in town and luckily Hilton Bay beach is only 800 meters from my doorstep.

2. International COMMUnitY

As Israel is a young country and Jewish people came here from all over the world, being a non-israeli you won’t feel like an outsider. If you walk on the street, you will definitely hear English, French, Russian and Arabic. This international community all has their own restaurants, concerts and national events. In Tel Aviv, 90% of the population speaks English well enough, however this is not the case about Israel itself.

3. The Most dog friendly city in the world
Life in Israel - Why do I love to live in Tel Aviv
We adopted Mimi at the end of February

Tel Aviv is by far the most dog friendly city that I ever saw. Most people are crazy about their dogs here! 🙂 Almost every restaurant and cafe allow your little (or big 🙂 ) furry friend to enter, they even provide food and water. There are 70 dog parks in the city and my dog is welcome even in the Pilates studio where I go to. I also adopted an adorable dog from a shelter, her name is Mimi, you may often see her in my Instagram stories. Walking with my dog, I also noticed that 90% of the dogs are well educated, which is very helpful for raising a puppy.

On the down side, there are many stray cats around the city. They are being fed regularly by a generous soul, but I don’t see solution for this problem.

4. Close proximity to many beautiful cities

Since Israel is a relatively small country, visiting other cities is easy.I love to live in Tel Aviv, because on the weekends I can easily explore the country.  From Tel Aviv, you can be in Jerusalem in one hour with public transportation or by car. Even tough it is located so close, you will experience a completely different Israel in Jerusalem. Other popular day trips are Haifa, Caesarea, Akko and even the Dead Sea!

5. Huge park and palm trees all around
Life in Israel - Why do I love to live in Tel Aviv
Walking in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is home to several parks, the biggest amount them is Yarkon Park. This place is also home to concerts, festivals, competitions throughout the year. It stretches up to 350 hectares. The park includes a lot of green field area, playground for children and dogs, coffee places and more. If that won’t be enough, you can also discover the cactus garden, rent a boat or visit the animal corner. Most of the park has bicycle road and is also popular among runners.


Located by the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv has a mild winter and really hot summer.

Tel Aviv is said to have around 40 rainy days a year. The other 325 days are mostly sunny. I love to live in Tel Aviv, because the winters feel like Autumn in Europe. I personally can handle the summer heat really well, but it can be challenging for others.

Life in Israel - Why do I love to live in Tel Aviv
Could this be in Italy?

Tel Aviv is a small city, but is has many different neighborhoods. Yaffo has a 4,000 years history, it is one of the oldest port in the world. Florentin is a fun, bohemian area with old industrial buildings turned into loft apartments and cool street art. The White City area, around Rotschild Boulevard has a large amount of beautiful, white Bauhaus buildings built by Austrian and German Jews. Neve Tzedek may feel like walking in a small city of France with beautiful lanes, shops and flowers. If you love markets, you may find the typical Carmel Shuk for bargaining, but if you prefer upscale markets, Sharona Market is a culinary experience.

8. People

Israelis are welcoming and warm. They may seem as rude in the beginning, but actually they are just very direct. I love to live in Tel Aviv, because I know I am safe. I know that if anything happens to me, people will immediately help. If you understand Hebrew, you will understand more how close is the relation between everybody. People will tell you their opinion without you having to ask for it. At first this may seem strange. I believe it is much easier to live in a country where you know what’s on the people’s mind.

It is completely normal to call everybody your brother, friend and the hairdresser can also call you sweetheart. It doesn’t mean a thing 🙂

9.Tons of vegan places
Life in Israel - Why do I love to live in Tel Aviv
Endless salads

People in Tel Aviv do care a great deal about our planet. This city has the biggest amount of vegetarian and vegan citizens per capita. Due to the competition of vegan restaurants, their menus are really interesting. You may also find a freshly squeezes juice store around every corner in the city. I love to pick different fruits and create a unique mix.

10 . Scooter

The streets in Tel Aviv are quite narrow and a lot of people commute here from other cities to their workplace on a daily basis, therefore traffic is a problem. Just like many other cities in Europe, you can rent a bicycle. However, the coolest thing to do is to use electric scooter. You can find branches on the street that you can rent, but many people (just like me :)) have their own. This is the best way of transportation in the city. You can easily avoid traffic and you can park anywhere for free! 🙂

+1 The Vibe

The Vibe here cannot be explained. You have to feel it! 🙂

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I hope you liked my introduction of Tel Aviv 🙂



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