My hometown is a small city in Hungary with only 80,000 habitants but that never stopped me from traveling. When I was a child, my family took me to many cool places in Hungary and around Europe. I still remember how interesting was crossing the boarder and living Hungary. Prior to our country joining the European Union, back than people needed to line up by boarder and often get their car searched.


Nowadays, in most European Union member countries the boarder is deserted, you just need to slow down, they don’t even check your ID and you don’t need a passport to travel between those countries. Pretty cool, right?


Anyways, I always knew I want to travel and live abroad, so few weeks after graduation I moved to Brussels, the capital of Belgium. I lived there for 10 months with an amazing family, as their au-pair. Being an au-pair is the best choice to do if you aren to fully independent and haven’t figured out yet what do you want to do with your life 🙂 I was part of a loving family, worked as part time babysitter, studied French and travelled around Belgium and other nearby countries. I truly recommend this experience as a smooth landing to adult life after high school 🙂


When I was in Belgium I heard about a great university in Vienna, where I can study Intercultural Business Administration in English. Vienna is only 200 kilometers from my hometown, but still it’s a big, multinational city so I went for it.


Lauder Business School accepted me, and I moved to Vienna. During the nearly 3 years of my studies I learnt German and Hebrew, I lived in five different apartments with many flatmates and I did two internships. After graduating I was planning on staying in Vienna since it is by all surveys mentioned as the most livable city in the world. Now that I travelled quite a lot, I totally agree with this statement. Vienna is clean, organized, safe and compared to the salaries it’s cheap. Many companies work 4,5 days a week and in one year you receive 14 months of salary. Work-life balance is super healthy.


Moving to Hong Kong happened quickly. My boyfriend and he got the opportunity to work in Hong Kong, so in a few weeks time our life totally changed and we jumped out of our comfort zones together in the beginning on 2015. In the beginning it was hard to adjust to the different living condition and now when I think back I think it is a miracle that we didn’t kill each other in our first apartment which was a 28m2 and located on the 5th floor walk up building 🙂 Luckily I found an interesting job in Hong Kong, something that I never thought I want to do before, but it turned out well. I worked as a real estate agent in Sotheby’s realty. Working as a real estate agent gave freedom in all matters and forced me to discover this amazing city. We lived in Hong Kong for nearly two years and we took every chance to travel to other cities and discover Asia. I will write later more about living in Hong Kong, but I must admit it’s still my favorite city in the world with all it’s pros and cons.

In the summer of 2016 my boyfriend proposed to me on the Great Wall and a few months later we moved to Guangzhou, China. I am not going to lie, it was extremely hard move for me and it still is. Guangzhou is not bad, but after Hong Kong it’s definitely a decrease in every aspect for me and I found out that it is ALWAYS so hard to go back in life, we tend to always want better than before. Guangzhou has a population of nearly 14 million people and not many of these people can speak English. After few months of living here I understood I must learn Chinese. In the beginning I studied 40 hours per week and I still got very disappointed when people didn’t understand it if I just said good morning. Chinese language is based on tones, something that is very foreign to European languages. Even if I have a wide vocabulary, local people still won’t understand a thing if the tones are not right. Currently I do not need to work full time, I work on several projects with our company part time, I mostly assist the back office and take care of our travel plans and personal life.


I will tell you more about China later 🙂 Cheers from Guangzhou!


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